Nicole + Jonathon Wedding Movie Trailer

We all know that a wedding day is full of emotions and happiness but also nervousness. Even though they were planning the wedding from long time ago. When we met Nicole and Jonathon we knew their wedding would be a great story. It is amazing how we can connect with people’s feelings when we film their wedding day. It is so much positive energy and good vibration around that day. For example like when the groom can’t contain himself when he see the bride for the first time. The following story is a good example of that.

Congratulations guys and thanks for let us be part of  such important day in your lifes!!

11 thoughts on “Nicole + Jonathon Wedding Movie Trailer

  1. Jose! I can’t even tell you what this means to us and what it will mean to us when we are old and gray. You and your team exceeded every expectation we had for our wedding videos. For that, you will forever be in our hearts.

  2. Lovely wedding, lovely trailer. Lighting, content, close shots all beautifully done. Bride and groom both look so in love.
    Aunt Sis

  3. You looked absolutely lovely! Congratulations from the Harrington Family. 8)

    He got choked up when he saw you coming down the aisle…I did the same with Monique.

    A long, love-filled life together for you!


  4. This seriously choked me up. I even got your Uncle Warren to watch it with me. Love the words, they really mean so much and I believe you two will have a long and happy life together forever and ever! You are so beautiful…..
    We Love you both!
    Aunt Caren & uncle Warren

  5. what a lovely place for a wedding and you really showed it in your camera work, excellent music and the audio was the best. One of the best I’ve seen

  6. Beautiful vows… and a crying groom! Gets me every time! I especially love the shot of all the groomsmen looking at Jonathan while he’s tearing up looking at his bride coming down that aisle. Very touching!! You can really tell they are in love. Great job capturing their essence Jose!

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