Jose Ortiz filming a concept promo of TV Movie Celebrity Mario Lopez.

It is amazing the skills sometimes  we can develop as event filmmakers shooting  weddings. Our ability to tell stories of real people in  different situations is without a doubt a plus in our business. This practice makes our work more easy going when we are filming for a client something a bit different to what we normally do. From the beginning I knew it would be a great experience filming a promo clip for the TV Celebrity and Movie Star Mario Lopez. This time we loved the freedom we had to come up with our own shoot ideas including the questions to ask him during the interview section as part of his final promo. Mario is a very humble guy, professional and very proud of his Latino roots. I can not forget to mention how easy is every time you work with someone so familiar to the cameras and with such a great personality.  We went from shooting an interview to film interactions with his fans attending an exclusive presentation.  After that we continued filming other scenes of him like throwing the first ball in a NY Yankees game. Of course… we can’t let behind  the coverage at the end of the day of some night time celebrity style party with red carpet included! The staff of producers were great and they supported me on any suggestion made during the entire day shooting. Honored to work on this project and try something new and different every day.

Jose Ortiz

Click here to watch the interview at the Extra show!

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