Nadia & Adil Indian wedding Movie Trailer

We always feel honored when the clients appreciate the hard work our wedding cinematography. It is a huge responsibility to capture these type of live events and  bring the story to the TV screen with the similar look of the Hollywood movies. We totally enjoy filming these Indian weddings events and eventually having the chance to share with the guests and vendors the final product. Here is a preview of Nadia and Adil wedding celebration experience.
Enjoy it!!

13 thoughts on “Nadia & Adil Indian wedding Movie Trailer

  1. This is by far one of my favorite wedding movies I have ever seen in the industry! It literally moved me and kept me in suspense! and YES it is a big responsibility! though I can imagine the couple’s reaction! Indian weddings are always fun and lots of details. Keep up the good work! We’ll make sure to have enough pop-corn for the full movie 🙂

    Khaled Mosli

  2. This is beautiful! Its amazing how well everything was captured….makes me feel like I am re-living the wedding all over again! Nadia looks BEAUTIFUL…AWESOME VIDEO 🙂

  3. The quality of this is amazing! I have never seen a wedding video like this…its beautiful! I can’t even imagine what the enitre video will look like 🙂

  4. I’m speechless! We both absolutely love it and cannot wait to see the final video. You managed to capture everything with such an artistic touch!

  5. Amazing video! I was so sad I couldn’t be there but this video makes me feel like I was! Congrats Nadia and Adil! Nadia, you look so beautiful! 🙂

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