Katherine & Ray a Global Crossing Wedding Story from NYC to Taiwan.

Discipline is one of those things we try to keep every time we create a wedding movie piece for our couples.  The amount of work traveling, shooting and editing weddings is compensated when we experience the reaction and satisfaction of our clients. In this occasion the project went to a new different level. Two different day events with two different locations separated by over 10,000 miles of distance. Also in top of that the real challenge of presenting their trailer in the last event including both days (NYC and Taiwan). Almost 400 guests in Taiwan enjoyed the preview of their wedding movie showcasing a taste of the New York event combined with the last Taiwan event. Honored to get such a positive feedback from everyone in Taipei and not forgetting the first class treatment received since day one in Taiwan by the couple, family together with friends.

Feels like now we have another new home at the other side of the world!!

Now for our web viewers we are presenting the trailer of the wedding movie shown in our Taiwan 11-11-11 wedding event.

Thank you so much!!

2 thoughts on “Katherine & Ray a Global Crossing Wedding Story from NYC to Taiwan.

  1. Great Video!!! It’s totally beyond what I imagined before I saw the video. I can’t stop watching it!

    I gotta say Jose has done a very valuable and unique work for us! He has very special eyes to observe different environment and made into a romantic video clips. Wherever in NY or in Taiwan.

    His professional attitude is also very respectful! He pursuit the highest standard during the procedure, even though we were all very tired after the whole day shooting, even though it was a raining day, even though he was almost hit by a motorcyclist when he was shooting for us in Taiwan! All he wants is to make perfect wedding film for us!!!

    Thank you, Jose!!!

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