Clarissa & Jonathan Wedding Movie Trailer at Bella Collina.

Hello to everyone following us in our blog! We would to share once again a beautiful wedding Movie Trailer from early this year before we say “bye” to the 2011. The beautiful wedding took place in Bella Collina Golf Club. This is in our opinion one of the most beautiful venues in Central Florida.  Big Surprise for the Groom was the show of fireworks at the end of the night closing this awesome event and opening a new life for this beautiful married couple.

Congrats to Clarissa & Jonathan!!!

Thank you to all the couples for let us have an incredible year!!

Happy New Year!!

6 thoughts on “Clarissa & Jonathan Wedding Movie Trailer at Bella Collina.

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I was the maid of honor at the wedding and this video captures so many of the beautiful moments at Clarissa and Jon’s wedding.

  2. What a charming sweet and masterful job all at the same time. Clarissa and Jonathan were captured very tenderly. Thank you for the visual treat.

  3. The trailer is SO AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see the full video. Thank you for capturing all of our memories so beautifully! We love it!

  4. I am Clarissa’s mother and I have to tell you that I watch this trailer often – even a year and a half after the wedding! It is just beautiful and gives folks who could not come to the wedding such a perfect snapshot of the wonderful day it was. I get such joy from it every time I watch it and show it to friends and acquaintances with pride. Thank you for doing such a masterful job of capturing one
    of the happiest days of my life.

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