Sharing email from a recent Bride who made us feel honored but more important remind us why we love what we do.

As us women are growing up even at the mere age of 9 years old we play house. There’s Mr. Perfect and the Bride. We envision and daydream for years of our big day. Spend weeks planning for the event, which we waited so long for. There’s always that one perfect dress that we’ve had our eye on or even that one venue which seems to be the only spot our vows can be exchanged flawlessly. In my case it was neither of the above said. Although my wedding date is set I still don’t have a venue and I know I am not even close to finding my wedding dress, but one thing I ALWAYS did have my heart set on was an amazing videographer, who goes by the name of Jose Ortiz even before my fiancé could even fathom proposing (Men! They take forever!) Many of my friends think I’m crazy for jumping straight to a videographer without anything else planned. At one point my own fiancé, a resident Physician thought I was losing my mind, as I demanded him to alter his schedule to Jose’s. I didn’t even bother looking at venues or finalizing my wedding date till I knew Jose was available. This generation (albeit a bit spoiled) is more visual. In a generation where Face Time on our iPhones gives us the ability to see the other person and make us feel so close to them— pictures just no longer suffice. When was the last time you saw a picture that melted your heart, touched every little cell in your body AND gave you goose bumps? Even a one-minute trailer or commercial has more of a lasting impression than just one photoshopped pictured.For the brides who are on a budget (which consists of the most of us) I just have to say…no one is going to remember how many roses you had in your centerpieces. None of your guests are going to care about your ice sculpture. In fact, most of your guests probably can’t even recall the intricate details of your wedding a month after. The only two items you have to look back on are your pictures and wedding video. You spend weeks and weeks planning an event and in just a few hours it’s already over. A talented videographer can bring out the beauty in just about any setting and most importantly capture the magnificence of all your hours of hard work that you were unable to focus and truly enjoy during your big day.

But you know why I REALLY want you and your cinematography skills?

One day….60 years from today when I am sitting with my husband and my own memory begins to fail me I want to be able to see everything we did prior to building our life together. I want to replay every single aspect of our wedding. I…actually want fall in love with my husband all over again. That gift can only be given to me by Jose Ortiz.


One thought on “Sharing email from a recent Bride who made us feel honored but more important remind us why we love what we do.

  1. it really doesnt get any better rthan this, suniya has said everything that needs to be said, about love life rthe universe, and most importantly the best day of anyones life, congrats to her, her hubby, and most importantly jose for making it probably one of the best wedding films ever.

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