Emmie & Elliott Beautiful Napa Wedding Cinema

When Emmie & Elliot contacted us asking our availability we knew their story will be easy to be involved and connect. They both love Cinema and Wine plus Napa has been an especial place for them. We remember when she said “After an extensive research I felt in love with the storytelling in your videos and our story needs to be told by you.” We always feel the responsibility and love the challenges. It was a perfect day and all the events were beautiful. We had the chance to shoot in a private mansion as per Bride request. She wanted to be married in a Vineyard and the option for Brides by the Napa County is to celebrate the wedding in a private property. It was worth it to make it private and exclusive since they had the place for the entire wedding. Is always very exciting when we have couples from different cultures getting married and unifying families with a lot of new experiences to share and learn from each other.

Thank you

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