A Beautiful Vietnamese Wedding Story in California. Leyna // Tho

It’s always a good time when we hit the road to film a new love story. This time the movie was taking place in beautiful Orange County, California. I still remember the 1st phone call from the couple when they inquired about our services. It is amazing how we can connect with our clients from the 1st consultation and how awesome it is to visit their wedding locations to produce their films. It’s like a great adventure and it sometimes makes us feel we are on a vacation. Of course we know it’s a lot of work to produce the movie but working with fun couples like them make the work less painful. If you found the Bride kind of familiar, it’s because you maybe probably like cupcakes!! Leyna is owner of Leyna’s Kitchen, she appeared on the hit TV show “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network and won the LA Best Cupcakes in 2007. We cannot overlook the ever admirable traditional events of a Vietnamese wedding. The stunning wedding was loaded with a ton of beautiful details. A huge surprise for us was during the Bride & Groom 1st Dance, the Bride surprised the Groom with famous Vietnamese singer Trish Thuy Trang who started singing the First Dance song “Ever After” live for all of us!

Thank you guys!!!!

Now we hope you all enjoy this Movie Preview!!

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Vietnamese Wedding Story in California. Leyna // Tho

  1. OMG W-O-W. (drying my eyes). Thank you, Jose and your amazing team, for capturing their beautiful wedding. Love the First Look and this preview, can’t wait to see the rest of the movie. ♥

  2. Only a true artist who understands and appreciate love, can magnify our wedding the way that you do. I was crying and clapping at the same time. Tho and I knew you were the one to capture this once in a lifetime moment for us. We laughed and we cried over and over again. Thank you for showing me what heaven would be like with my angel. It was such a pleasure and such a privilege to have you create this film for us. Bravo Jose. 🙂

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